Infants have many things to learn at our centre. They learn how to play with others, how to take care of themselves as well as new skills in thinking and talking.

The following are some structured Montessori activities we will carry out with your infant.


  • Focusing On an Object
  • Remembering an Object’s Location
  • Matching Lids to Pots
  • Making a Simple Toy
  • Identifying and Finding Specific Objects When Asked
  • Finding Covered Objects
  • Matching Shoes
  • Tracking Objects Being Moved
  • Fitting Nesting Cups
  • Putting On a sock



  • Rolling Over
  • Grasping Objects
  • Developing the Pincer Grasp
  • Introducing “In” and “Out”
  • Dropping an Object into a Container
  • Putting Shapes into Holes
  • Practicing “In” and “Out”
  • Stacking Assorted Objects
  • Pouring Dry Material from One Container to Another
  • Pulling a Hidden Object Out Of a Cylinder



  • Following Movement with the Eyes
  • Experiencing Different Food Textures
  • Experiencing Different Sounds
  • Hearing Different Levels of Sound
  • Recognizing Patterns
  • Making Different Sounds with Utensils
  • Experiencing Different Fabric Textures
  • Gathering Objects in Nature
  • Identifying Containers with Objects Inside
  • Experiencing “Warm” and “Cold”



  • Focusing On Names of Objects
  • Naming Parts of the Face
  • Naming Parts of the Body
  • Identifying Pictures of Familiar Objects in a Book
  • Adding Sound Effects to Favourite Stories
  • Naming Categories of Objects
  • Retrieving a Hidden Object
  • Providing Specific Objects When Requested
  • Identifying Objects from Their Description
  • Introducing Numbers



  • Imitating Facial Expressions and Mouth Sounds
  • Anticipating
  • Reaching Out and Touching
  • Learning Quiet-time Exercises
  • Recognizing Simple Songs
  • Pulling an Object Back and Forth
  • Joining a Rhythm
  • Filling In Words to a Song
  • Trying On Hats
  • Sharing the Treasure Basket



  • Introducing Eating Utensils
  • Handling Eating Utensils
  • Sorting Eating Utensils
  • Squeezing a Sponge or Cloth
  • Crushing Paper
  • Ripping Paper into Strips
  • Nose-Wiping
  • Using a Spoon
  • Pouring Water
  • Drinking out of a Cup


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