Child Care


Our carefully prepared environment is inviting and homely. At the same time, it is comfortable, spacious, clean and airy. We have successfully managed to prevent mass transmission of disease such as HFMD in our centre. We have not been ordered mandatory closure of centre by MCYS.

Our Child Care curriculum comprises of five main areas, namely Mathematics skills, Language (both English and Chinese), Practical life skills, Sensorial motor development and Social skills. At our centre, children will learn through experience. With all the experiences, what the child learns will be imprinted in them for life.



  • Numeration
  • The golden beads
  • Numeration beyond ten
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • The Stamp Game
  • Bead Frame
  • Fraction
  • Geometry



  • Nomenclature
  • Opposites
  • Rhyming Objects
  • Go-together
  • Classification of objects
  • Beginning sounds
  • Ending sounds
  • Middle sounds
  • Matching objects to picture or outline
  • Matching shapes
  • Matching Alphabet Letters to Model
  • Sandpaper Letters
  • Movable Alphabets: Word Building
  • Reading
  • Phonics
  • Hanyu Pinyin (K2 term 4)



  • Following rhythm
  • Stacking
  • Sorting
  • Colour differentiation
  • Colour graduation
  • Rough and smooth surface
  • Fabric differentiation
  • Sound identification
  • Smell identification
  • Musical sounds



  • Holding of chopsticks
  • Table setting
  • Snack time set up
  • Saying good-bye
  • Greeting others
  • Asking help from adult who is busy
  • How to observe another
  • Knocking on door




  • Elementary Movements
    • Small muscle movements:
      • Pouring
      • Squeezing
      • Twisting
      • Sorting
      • Art activities
    • Large muscle movements
      • Playground activities
      • Ball throwing
      • Walking with Cup filled with water
      • Dancing
      • Walking on the line
      • Balancing
      • Operation of Nuts and Bolts
      • Operation of locks and keys
      • Hammering
      • Clothes washing
      • Using screw driver and screws
      • Ironing
  • Personal hygiene
    • Blowing nose
    • Drinking water at a water fountain
    • Washing hands at sink
    • Dressing and undressing
    • Putting on an apron
    • Bathroom procedure
  • Dressing skills
    • Buttoning
    • Zipping
    • Snapping
    • Fixing hooks and eye
    • Buckling
    • Bow tying
    • Safety pin
    • Tying shoe lace
  • Grooming
    • Shoe polishing
    • Hair combing
    • Hair brushing
    • Hair braiding
    • Nail buffing
    • Nail clipping
  • Care of Environment
    • Carrying a tray
    • Carrying a bucket
    • Using a book
    • Table manner
    • Carry a chair
    • Carry a table
    • Opening and closing door
    • Cleaning up spills
    • Sweeping
    • Table cleaning
    • Dish washing
    • Folding
    • Mirror cleaning
    • Watering plants
    • Flower arrangement
  • Cookery
    • Nut cracking
    • Bread slicing
    • Carrot cutting
    • Apple cutting
    • Juicing orange
    • Spreading jam and butter on bread
    • Sandwich making


The above are just some of the experiences your children will go through at our centre. We will constantly improve our methodology and create new learning materials for your children to experience.


Curriculum Time-Table
Our carefully crafted and purposefully planned curriculum time-table take care of all aspects of children development and different learning styles. All the enrichment programme such as Speech and Drama, Chinese Abacus, Puppetry Literacy, Show and Tell, Art and Craft form part of the wholesome curriculum with no extra charges. With only one time fee of $50 for Chinese Abacus; there are no hidden cost in our fees. Please click the link for the time-table.

Pre-Nursery 1 (18 months old to 30 months old)
Pre-Nursery 2 (30 months old to 36 months old)
Nursery (3 years old to 4 years old)
Kindergarten 1 (4 years old to 5 years old)
Kindergarten 2 (5 years old to 6 years old)


Child Care Fee

(18 months to below 7 years old)

Full Day Care Half Day Care
Half Day Care
Emergency Care
Before Subsidy S$1650 S$1500 $1500 S$80 per hour
S$150 per day


Children attending our full day child care programme will be provided with breakfast, lunch and tea break. Our food is nutritious and health. Our centre does not serve pork and beef. Meats are purchased from halal source. We are awarded yearly with “Healthy Eating in Child Care Centre” certificate from Health Promotion Board. Please see our Meal Menu.