Preschool @ Upper Thomson

Montessori programme in the centre covers all the five Montessori areas namely Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial and Cultural Study. With the implementation of the Montessori curriculum, the literacy standard of the children improved tremendously. Our children now able read simple reader from the age of 3 and most of the children are able to read fluently at kindergarten 1 level.

Our well designed Chinese language curriculum allows children to learn the language painlessly in a fun and creative ways. Fifty percent of the curriculum time is dedicated for the learning of Chinese language. As such, many of our children are practically bilingual.
Our enrichment programme such as Speech and Drama, Puppetry Literacy, Music and Movement, Art and Craft as well as Show and Tell are conducted in both Chinese and English. However the Chinese Abacus is conducted in Mandarin and Scientific investigation in English. All our enrichment programme are inclusive in our child care programme with no additional charge while many centres will charge these programmes separately from the child care fee.

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