Should government pay for the basic salaries of qualified preschool personnels?

Should government pay for the basic salaries of qualified preschool personnels? *

Teachers of aided schools which are run privately by clans, religious organisations etc are paid salaries by the government. Our government should also pay the salaries of qualified preschool personnels. Do you agree?
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Criteria in choosing child care centre

Parents usually visit a few centres before deciding on a child care centres. What is your top most important deciding factor of your choice? *

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Montessori Awareness

What is Montessori? As parents, how can we help our children's development in Montessori way? What and how are our children in a Montessori school learn? Where can we learn more about Montessori education? If these questions concern you, take the following poll.

Montessori Awareness Workshop for Parents? *

Sunny Bunny Montessori is planning the above workshop with speakers from Association Montessori Intertionnale founded by Maria Montessori. Are you interested?
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Montessori Teachers Continuous Education

As a Montessori teacher, are you happy with what you already know? Or you wish to acquire the latest technogies in Montessori teaching?

Do you like to attend annual workshop to improve your teaching skills and get conected with other Montessorians? *

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Preschoolers Overseas Trips Debate

It has been reported in the news that some preschools are organising overseas trips for their children. Have you ever wonder whether it is necessary or beneficial to the preschoolers? During the short stinct of a week or two, can the child pick up valuable knowledge for the trip? Do you think the trip is more beneficial ot the children or parents or the school as a publicity gimmick? Are you willing to spend so much money in letting your child participate in such a programme?

It is a publicity campaign for the organising schools? *

Schools organising such a trips are mainly out to create publicity for the school itself. Do you agree?

The trip is beneficial to the preschoolers? *

In the report extracted from http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Edvantage/Story/A1Story20121101-380964.html, "Pupils, who have to be accompanied by an adult, will go to Mount Fuji, visit theme parks and spend a day at a Japanese preschool." Visits to attractions usually are in the itineries of tour packages. The only difference is there is a ONE DAY visit to a Japanese school. Do you agree that it is REALLY beneficial to the preschoolers?

One school is charging $2,190 per child for such trip even for the 2 year old. Do you agree to spend that kind of money? *

A 2 year old child may not really understand what he/she is in for. And the child may be clinging on to the parents the whole day during the visit to the school. Do you agree the money spent for such trips is worthwhile?

Imersion programme is better than short visit to overseas schools? *

Some may feel that such trips are no difference to any other tour packages. It will be more benefit and have more lasting impact on preschoolers if it is an overseas immersion programme say for a week followed with sightseeing tour. For example, a trip to visit various preschools in China and followed by a week of immersion programme at a school for children to pick up Chinese Language. Do you agree?

If you are a parent with a child in Sunny Bunny Montessori, do you agree that Sunny Bunny should organise a Chinese Language immersion programme in China for your child?

We will like view of parents on organising Chinese immersion programme for our children in China in one of their top preschools. Such visit will only be made available to children in K1 and K2 to attend classes for 5 days in China choiced preschool while their parents tour the cities near the school.

Teachers should accompany the parents and children for the visits to overseas trips?

When oversea trips are organised and teachers accompany the tour, then there will be shortage of teachers in the school during the overseas visit.
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