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Preparing for Primary School

Updated: Jan 23

Preparing preschool children for Primary 1 in Singapore involves a combination of academic, social, and emotional readiness. It can be quite a daunting experience too. Here are some ways Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool help our K1 and K2 children transition smoothly and confidently to Primary 1:

1. Building A Strong Academic Foundation

- Our curriculum focuses on early literacy and numeracy skills. We encourage reading, counting, and basic math concepts through age-appropriate books, games, and activities from a young age.

- We introduce writing skills. From Nursery, we help them practise hold a pencil correctly and forming basic letters and numbers.

- Our Chinese immersion programe exposes our children to Mandarin and helps them to love the language. At Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool, our children are able to recognise up to 1,200 Chinese characters by the time they reach K2.

2. Independence and Self-Care

- We encourage self-help skills like dressing themselves up, using the restroom independently, and managing their belongings. We also teach them basic organisational skills and accountability, such as keeping their school bag and belongings in order.

3. Social and Emotional Skills

- Our teachers teach the children how to share, take turns, and communicate their needs and feelings effectively. This helps them to develop good social skills.

- Our teachers also enable them understand and manage their emotions, and teach problem-solving skills.

4. Basic School Etiquette

- We educate our children about classroom behavior, such as raising their hand to speak, listening to the teacher, and following instructions.

- This includes respecting their friends and teachers.

5. Physical and Emotional Health

- At Sunny Bunny Montessori Preschool, our children have a balanced diet with our meals that are freshly prepared. There is outdoor time to encourage physical activity and playtime to promote their overall well-being.

- Other physical and healthy activities include trampoline time, table tennis and indoor gym sessions to make school fun

We recognise that every child is unique and develops at their own pace. The goal is to ensure your child is comfortable, confident, and prepared for the transition to Primary 1. Hence we also keep an open communication with parents to provide valuable insights into the child's progress and any areas that might need extra attention. We are also proud that many of our children have made the transition to primary 1 confidently, been thriving and given different awards in their first year of primary school.

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