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Visit Sunny Bunny Montessori Childcare at Link@AMK near Lentor
Featuring a 4-storey unit with a private lift at Lentor, our children will be able to enjoy an outdoor space with a sandpit, giant trampoline, playground and water play. Our classrooms are spacious, where we will also have a musical corner. An entire floor of Montessori materials awaits them!

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About Us

Our owners are two young mothers who strive to provide Sunny Bunny children the best education, a nurturing environment with loving teachers and fun memories. 


Welcome to

Sunny Bunny Montessori Childcare

Our 2023 Key Highlights

Learning English spelling the Montessori method, by laying down letters

Sunny Bunny's Montessori Method of Teaching

We pride ourselves in offering an authentic Montessori method of teaching, which enables the ideal development of each child, with mixed age learning. Our strong Mandarin curriculum strives to let your children foster strong interest and relationship with the language.

Low Teacher Child Ratio to Provide Dedicated Attention

Pre-Nursery 1 (PG) 
18 months - 2 years old

Our teacher child ratio is 1:6 for playgroup.

ECDA's ratio is 1:8

Pre-Nursery 2 (N1)
3 years old

Our teacher child ratio is 1:9 for our pre-nursery class. 

ECDA's ratio is 1:12


Nursery (N2)
4 years old

Our teacher child ratio is 1:10 for our nursery class.


ECDA's ratio is 1:15 

Kindergarten (K1,K2)
5 - 6 years old

Our teacher child ratio is 1:12 for our kindergarten classes.

ECDA's ratio is 1:20 for K1

and 1:25 for K2

Reviews by Sunny Bunny Parents

" Ale is doing very well and really enjoying school. At home, she will sing the continents song too. A lot of difference from when she was in her previous school. I could see the difference last year within a few months after joining Sunny Bunny!


For my Ale, I know she definitely enjoys going to school, never complain about not wanting to go to school. If I fetch her home too early I will get “scolding” from her in the car and then the next morning she will remind me not to fetch her too early.

I especially like the prompt feedback, response and genuine concern from teachers and staff of Sunny Bunny! Thank you!"


Sunny Bunny Montessori unleashes your child's potential to the maximum. Because the formative years of your child are important, contact us today. 

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