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An Emphasis on Academics and Personal Growth & Development

Well-designed environment and huge library of materials conducive for Montessori learning

Fun, interesting and engaging way of learning 

In-house enrichment programmes, monthly trip fields and special holiday programmes

Develop interest in the Chinese language Learning of 1,440 Chinese characters by K2

Individualised Learning

Daily 1-1 individualised learning and guidance for every child

Outdoor Time

To provide the dedicated attention and care every child deserves for quality learning

Daily outdoor playtime in the morning 

We Take Care of Your Child's Well-being

Freshly Prepared Meals

In-house cooking by our chef for fresh and delicious meals

High Hygiene Standards

Hospital-grade air purifiers, regular cleaning and sanitisation for a clean enviroment

Breakfast After 9 AM

Because breakfast is an important meal, breakfast is provided even after 9 am 

We Provide An Inclusive Environment

In-house Speech Therapy

Weekday speech therapy and working together with teachers

Free Speech Consultant

A one-time free consultant by our partner speech therapist

Development According to Child's Pace

Learning according to each child's development and individualised teaching

Close Communication with Parents

Regular Updates on Child's Learning

Daily updates via the school's app

Convenient Teacher-Parent Communication

App to facilitate communication between teachers and parents

Working Closely with Parents

Open communication and reports to ensure effective learning and healthy development

Because the formative years of your child are important, choose to unleash your child's potential to the maximum. 

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