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  • What is Montessori about?
    The Montessori education system is originates from an Italian educator, Maria Montessori. It aims to study and help the development of the human individual from birth to maturity and is an educational method based on her philosophy. Children attending Montessori school will learn through playing with the Montessori materials in Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Language and Mathematics.
  • What is the difference between the Montessori versus traditional method of teaching?
    In Montessori classrooms, children challenge themselves when they are ready, developing greater self-sufficiency and personal independence, with an internal sense of purpose and motivation. Hence, Montessori method of teaching allows each child to develop at his/her own pace unlike traditional classroom settings, where children follow the same lessons.
  • Why is your childcare adopting the Montessori method of teaching?
    We believe that when children are happy, that is when then thrive and learn best. Known for individually paced learning and fostering independence, Montessori allows the child to learn comfortably at his/own pace and makes learning fun and engaging, it allows the child to develop at his/hers maximum potential. Also, it is beneficial for the child's overall development beyond academics - it encourages empathy, a passion for social justice, and a joy in lifelong learning.
  • What enrichment programmes do you offer?
    We offer Robotics & Coding, Puppetry, Trampoline Fun, Table Tennis, Speech & Drama and Percussion in the weekday afternoons. For Robotics & Coding and Table Tennis - they are available from Nursery level and above. You may find out more here.
  • What are the possible payment modes?
    – Child Development Account – PayNow – Cheque – Bank transfer
  • How much does the in-house enrichment programme cost?
    The enrichment programme is part of providing a holistic curriculum that is beneficial to the child's development. Hence the fees has been included in the school fees, and no additional fees is required from enrichment.

Sunny Bunny Montessori unleashes your child's potential to the maximum. Because the formative years of your child are important, contact us today. 

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